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In the previous post we wrote with enthusiasm about Dr Richard T. Nolan’s website; after two weeks we return to it in order to begin translating a series of texts into Polish. Dr Nolan has written them between 1980 and 2001 as a commentary on the Prayer Book “Catechism” (“Outline of Faith”). Both the “Catechism” and the commentary may be seen as another “introduction to Anglicanism”. And indeed, one who seeks an answer to the question “what do Anglicans/Episcopalians actually believe in” will find in these texts a systematically composed answer. Given the subject of our blog it is a good enough reason to post it here. Nolan’s reflections bear a clear “Anglican mark”, yet – and paradocsically it is also very Anglican – the author doesn’t address only the (future) Anglicans.

Richard T. Nolan

Richard T. Nolan

Commentary on the Prayer Book ‘Catechism’ is a series of units for adult education, especially for those seeking an introduction to the Christian Faith; it is suitable as a component of Baptism and Confirmation preparation within The Episcopal and possibly other Churches.


Beginning to translate this text we mostly have in mind readers from other churches. It seems to us that, especially in Polish, there are not enough such brief yet firmly founded writings which could be recommended to people preparing for confirmation or wanting to refresh their religious knowledge and confront it with all the new questions and challenges life brings. We have already posted a few such texts, including Christian Life by Alan Jones, fragments of Archbishop Kallistos Ware’s book The Orthodox Way (God as Mystery and God as Trinity) or the text Spirituality One More Time. What distinguishes Dr Nolan’s text is the comprehensive and systematic manner in which, following the Book of Common Prayer, he reflects on the basic issues of the Christian faith.

We decided to post it in a separate section (Outline of Faith – Commentary) that is to be found on top of the website. On the blog we will only announce the appearance of subsequent parts. If we manage to maintain a better work discipline than in the last weeks, it is possible that the translation will be finished by the end of summer vacations.

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