Program of the retreat
“Hear What The Spirit Is Saying To The Church”

Below you can find the program of the retreat in Poznan on 31 August – 2 September. The times are indicative and may be slightly modified during the retreat.

7 pm
Arriving participants will be shown to their rooms. Time for informal conversations, getting to know one another. There is no supper planned; coffee, tea and sandwiches will be available in the kitchen
10:30 pm

8:40 am
Morning Prayer
9 am
9:45 am
Reflection on Acts 10:1-16 in a group
2 pm
2:45 pm
“Quiet time”: time for individual reflection/prayer, rest, a walk. Those who will want to may then have a conversation with the priests (the Rev. Prof. K.M.P. Rudnicki and the Rev. Tony Litwinski) and the organizers
6 pm
7:45 pm
Anglicanism, the Episcopal Church: doctrine, spirituality, history, structure… questions and looking for answers (together)

8:40 am
Morning Prayer
9 am
Breakfast. After breakfast we will prepare the room for the Eucharist together
10:30 am
Eucharist in the Episcopal rite celebrated by the Rev. Tony Litwinski and the Rev. Prof. K.M.P. Rudnicki, Jaroslaw Kubacki, pastor of Kritische Gemeente IJmond, will reflect on the readings
12:30 pm
The future of Episcopal presence in Poland – a conversation
2 pm
Lunch/Dinner. After lunch conclusion of the retreat

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