Plan of the Lenten Retreat

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Below we posted the plan of the Lenten retreat of the Polish Episcopal Network in Pulawy. You can read more about the retreat here.


Bishop Pierre Whalon and Lukasz Liniewicz at last year’s conference in Cracow

5 pm
Arriving participants are assigned to their rooms. Time to get to know one another, for informal conversation (if it turns out that there is a number of people for whom this will be their first encounter with Anglicanism, we have prepared a short presentation, which can be delivered about 8 pm as the Bishop and his wife will arrive then from Warsaw).

10 pm


8:30 am
Morning Prayer

9 am

9:45 am
“I will put my law in their minds and write it on their hearts. “
Conversation inspired by the Old Testament Lesson from the Morning Prayer (Jeremiah 31:27-34, and especially verses 31-34). What is/will be the New Covenant? What does it mean that “No more shall every man teach his neighbor”? Is this a proclamation of a “do whatever you want” attitude? Introduction by Jarek Kubacki.

11 am
“Pilate and Jesus’ trial”.
Introduction by the Rev. Prof. Pawel Rudnicki – “I would like to demonstrate that Pilate was not a paragon of honesty and that many of us fulfill his or her duties as he did, only without having to make such important decisions”.

12:15 pm
Noonday Prayer

12:30 pm
“Is the human being good in his nature?”
Conversation inspired by two introductions, outlining different answers to this question (by Bishop Pierre Whalon and Mariusz Orłowski) and a personal reflection by Jarek Kubacki who will talk about his own spiritual path through various views on the human being and her condition.

2:30 pm

3 pm
Free time with a possibility to talk in private with the ministers or for confession. Also Bishop Whalon will be available to you. If language is a problem, we can interpret into Polish.

5 pm
Evening Prayer

How does Anglican Christianity adapt to local circumstances? – the Episcopal Church as an example. Introduction by Bishop Pierre Whalon.


Anglicanism/the Episcopal Church/Polish Episcopal Network – questions and answers.



8:30 am
Morning Prayer

9 am

10 am
We prepare the room for the service.

11 am
Eucharist with reading of the Passion narrative preceded by blessing of palms.

12:45 pm
After the Eucharist we gather traditionally for the last conversation before lunch and conclusion of the retreat in order to evaluate the time we spent together and talk about plans for the future.

2:15 pm
Lunch and conclusion of the retreat.

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