The Retreat in Poznan

The text below is a summary of the announcement about the approaching Episcopal retreat in Poznan.

The first Episcopal retreat in Poland will take place on 31 August – 2 September in Poznan. It is the continuation of the project “Bringing the Episcopal Church to Poland.”

The ability to listen is today rather rare, and of course not only faith “is from hearing” (Romans 10:17); also in relations among people “good listeners” are “worth their weight in gold”.  The churches too should work on their listening skills. At the retreat we want to “listen what the Spirit is saying to the church” (Apocalypse 2:7), the church that we all form, regardless of our institutional membership. Praying together the daily office from the 1979 BCP and conversations inspired by the lessons for those days will help us do just that. Of course, there will also be time for personal reflection in silence and individual conversations. Sunday Eucharist, celebrated in Polish in the Episcopal rite will crown the whole event. Then we will recapitulate the retreat together and talk about the future of the Episcopal presence in Poland.

The retreat will take place in the Navigare hotel centre (former scout sailing centre) in 10/11 Wilkow Morskich Street on the shore of the Kierskie lake where the participants are welcome from 7 pm on Friday 31. The centre will provide accommodation and full pension for the participants.

The retreat was made possible by the contributions of the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe, Evangelical Education Society of the Episcopal Church, Kritische Gemeente IJmond and Celtic Cross Mission Society.

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